Introducing Our New EZ FILL Upgrade

The EZ FILL is designed to work in sync with the host unit and provide sheath liquid to the host unit during sample run condition. Between runs The EZ Fill refills itself and become ready for the next run within instrument operational timing and sequencing. It is not intended to be a sheath tank replacement or interfere with or alter any manufacture specification and capabilities. This product replaces the internal sheath tank refilling procedure in most major Flow Cytometers in the market and does not interfere with any instrument operations or data quality as it does not infringe on the diagnostic capability of the instrument.

EZ FILL Images

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Reduce Down Time Due to Refilling!

The EZ Fill upgrade is designed to facilitate the refilling process that is required every time the sheath tank empties on most Flow Cytometers. With EZ FILL installed you no longer have to refill the sheath tank, All you have to do when prompted by the instrument that sheath is low, is simply remove the pickup/level sensor from the empty source container and install it in the new one, reset and press run. You’re done...

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