Who is CytoServ?

Founded in 2002, by Ozzie, CytoServ is an organization with well over 30 years of field service specializing in maintaining and servicing Beckman-Coulter® Flow Cytometer instruments. Our Technical Specialists are manufacturer trained. Frank brings over 25 years’ experience within the field. We also have an extensive inventory of factory, non-factory parts and consumables. We look forward for the opportunity to meet your total service needs. CytoServ Corp leads the way in customer service and support by following the ideals that quality service and parts at fair prices leads to repeat and satisfied customers. In a world where service companies come and go CytoServ is here to stay.

CytoServ is Here to Stay!

Rest assured that with CytoServ servicing your Flow Cytometer equipment your lab is in great hands. In world where old fashioned customer service and support seems to be missing, count on CytoServ to always be there. From a service call to a simple phone call regarding a machine question, CytoServ is here to serve you.

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